Monday, April 19, 2010

Pregnant Again??

Man Oh Man! I think I am pregnant again. I usually get "Aunt Flo" around the 25th of each month. Last week around the 14th, I saw some blood. Not spotting, and definitely not AF. . . I looked up implantation bleeding and I am almost 100% sure that is what this is. I have been trying to use the Natural Family Planning method of birth control, but that is difficult to stick to, when you're a newlywed... and when your husbands a hottie like mine! hahaha.

I won't be able to take a test for about another week or so... but I can feel that I am. I am totally aware of my uterus... if that makes any sense at all. And the description of implantation bleeding is EXACTLY what I experienced.

So, I don't know how I feel about this. I honestly think that if I take the test and it comes out that I'm not preggers, I will be upset so I guess that means I am happy about all of this. Me and my husband do want a big family, so I guess its never too early to start that! I am honestly really happy that I wont be super-huge in the summertime like last year! And the Pastor at my church's wife is pregnant right now, so there would be someone close to this baby's age!

I'm already thinking of names!!!
For a little boy, I like Caleb and Adam.
For a little girl, I have no idea. I change so much. Hopefully it is a boy though! I looooove having a little boy!

Oh goodness I am just going on and on. I am a little bit worried about money. But, I know that God will provide for us. I just know He will! He always has!!

So all in all, I think I am pregnant and I am excited about it! :)

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